AFC Energy

AFC Energy are a UK-based team of energy-tech pioneers on a mission to replace polluting fossil fuel generation with hydrogen fuel cells - helping off-grid operators around the world deliver their net zero commitments. They provide a flexible range of hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen carrier fuel conversion technologies for organisations in need of affordable, flexible, clean off-grid power, such as those in construction, electric vehicle charging, shipping and data centres.

AFC Energy


Cranleigh Stem first started working with AFC Energy in 2008, when the business was a relatively new start up. At the time Hydrogen technology and alternative fuels, were still viewed with some skepticism but with a heavy focus on R&D the company underwent steady growth, and continued investment funding lead to the ongoing development of the business. The company saw a relatively modest increase in headcount up until 2020 when approx. 30 staff were employed within the organisation and they operated out of a relatively small facility on the Dunsfold Airdrome (made famous by the BBC Top Gear race Track that the company overlooks).

In Mid 2020, the company secured large financial investment which lead to a sharp upward curve in the hiring targets. Over the course of 2021 Cranleigh Stem worked alongside other suppliers to help grow the number of staff within the company to a point where by at the middle of 2022, AFC Energy appointed their 100th employee. At the same time the company dramatically increased the size of the facilities that they operated from in Dunsfold, leading to the construction of state-or-art work environments and technical workspaces that complement the groundbreaking technology that AFC are developing.


The challenge that AFC Energy faced was that they needed to ensure that their recruitment process was streamlined and robust, whilst also allowing hiring managers to swiftly identify, interview and hire the best candidates in the market.


Cranleigh Stem worked closely with the HR team at AFC Energy to establish a RPO strategy that would help the company to achieve these goals. The company has adopted a first-class ATS (Applicant Tracking System), to help all areas of the business communication across the recruitment process. With Cranleigh Stem managing the ATS and engaging directly in person with hiring managers (through having a weekly onsite presence at the business), Recruitment Projects are able to be progressed swiftly and efficiently. Cranleigh Stem has also helped to drive best Recruitment Practices across the business through the implementation of a hiring manager workshop.


By acting as a single point of contact for all recruitment activities Cranleigh Stem is helping AFC to achieve its recruitment goals and thereby secure the best talent available to them in the market.

"Over this past year, recruitment has been the key activity for the HR function. We have experienced significant growth with over 70 people hired since January alone. We introduced our applicant tracking system (team tailor) in order to streamline the recruitment process, improve candidate experience, speed up average time to hire and put some control in place with regards to management of our external agencies. To date we have seen significant improvements within each of these areas as a result. Going forward in order for the HR function to focus on other key people areas while also continuing to make improvements to our recruitment process, I am pleased to announce we have partnered with a highly regarded local recruitment agency, Cranleigh Stem".

HR Manager, AFC Energy